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About Craig Tafoya Yacht Brokerage - A Company Overview

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Penumbra Marine Brokerage Division is a licensed yacht brokerage firm that specializes in discreet sales for discreet clients. Our yachts can be advertised on the proprietary brokerage network, while full brochures are mailed directly to qualified clients. This original concept started while I was captain of the original 42m LIMITLESS. We sold this yacht in 3 months without advertising.

During my years as a broker with Fraser Yachts I had clients call on magazine ads. Of these calls, 90% would relate to the fact that a particular yacht had been advertised for a long period of time. Remarks such as "I would think the owner would consider any offer by now" usually followed. Once the industry knew that low offers were being presented, the yacht carried that reputation until sold at a reduced value.

Brokers all know a great buy when we see it. They don't last long and usually never make to the open market. We see marketing yachts above market value by not allowing their depreciate as mentioned above.

Today we see more and more owners looking for smaller, discreet brokerages that have the ability to "work" with them. Please contact us for "special packages" within our firm.

Penumbra Marine has various licensed Broker/Captains that are in the field. They not only know the product, but help their owners sell their yachts by either representing them, or working with them on the sale. They know when a charter client, or owner, is interested in buying or selling. Allow Penumbra Marine to help them, help you as we can be very flexible on our in-house sales.

Please feel free to contact one of our Fort Lauderdale Agents if you do not find what you are looking for on our site. Feel free to download or print listings. We also have many yachts that are discreetly for sale but are not advertised. Call for assistance.

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